The Power of Energizers, Check-ins and Icebreakers.


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Do you know the difference between check-in, icebreaker and energizer?

Why and when could you use one or another? For workshops or simple meetings? Small or big groups? Your team or high management? What about the timebox and learning outcomes? How to make it count?

I invited you to this session to discover the answers by practicing plenty of quick examples, debriefing and having fun! 🙂

A little more context for you: I got passionate about this topic (including Agile games) when I discovered it some years ago. Since then, I kept on sharpening and increasing my toolbox by practicing whenever possible, trying new ones, in different ways and contexts, creating new ones and of course, asking for a lot of feedback!

Actually, this session will look like a talk/presentation at first, but we will get hands-on very quickly! 🙂

Therefore, if you are new to the topic and want to know more or you already know it pretty well but want to improve your toolbox – all of this with fun – this session is for you!

  • Artur Margonari

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